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Corporate Profile SDGs

Outline of Environmental Business

We offer new values to the society and contribute to global environmental protection with the world's first commercially viable environmental solution technology, "organic matter decomposition by chemical reactions of hot titanium oxide catalyst."

  1. We offer unprecedented possibilities of waste disposal with our organic matter decomposition technology that utilizes the oxidative decomposition ability of active oxygen generated by heating the titanium oxide catalyst in the presence of oxygen.
  2. We collaborate with companies that seek seeds of new business by providing them with patents and know-how of organic matter decomposition technology using titanium oxide catalyst and thus assisting them in their waste disposal processing and development of new apparatuses and systems not necessarily related to waste disposal.

Management Philosophy and Corporate Profile


We abide by the philosophy of Reliance, Improvement, Benevolence, and Gratitude and attach importance to Coexistence.
The pursuit of interests of our customers, business partners, and the public at large forms the basis of our mission of "creating healthy and affluent life and promoting conservation of global environment with our products and technologies related to health and environment."
In addition, our "altruistic wish" for health and happiness of all the people is giving us the vitality for going on.
We will make daily efforts to contribute to valuable health of people and make RAPAS a brand needed by all of them for a long time to come.

Management Philosophy

Action Guidelines

Efforts for SDGs

RAPAS considers SDGs to be a common challenge and social responsibility for the realization of a sustainable world society.
For this reason, we are working on our business model to achieve SDGs throughout the company.
Main efforts of RAPAS

Corporate Profile

Name RAPAS Co.,Ltd.
Description of business 1. Supply of environment-related solution technologies
2. Supply and management of licenses for patents and technical know-how
3. Planning, manufacturing, and sale of health foods
4. Planning, manufacturing, and sale of functional products for health support and cosmetics
Address Minamikusatsu 1-4-5
Kusatsu-shi, Shiga-ken 525-0050
<Traffic Access>
* JR Tokaido Line Four minutes' walk from the West Exit of Minami Kusatsu Station (approx. 300 m)
* Meishin Expressway Six minutes' drive from the Kusatsu Tanakami Interchange (approx. 3.3 km)
Chief executive officer Keiko Kitamura
Customers Panasonic Production Engineering Co., Ltd.
Japan Atomic Energy Agency
NGK Insulators, Ltd.
Suzuyo & Co., Ltd.
Main financing banks Shiga Bank
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
TEL 077-598-0391
FAX 077-598-0392
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