Thoughts of RAPAS

RAPAS is a company that conveys “health consciousness.”
Having a consciousness of our own health is the first step toward better health.
Consciousness helps us out on our activities and our continued efforts.
Beyond that, we will be able to keep us in good health.

RAPAS would like people around the world to become healthy.
The world would be different if everybody in the world has a consciousness of his or her own health.

Having a consciousness of being healthy every day makes us healthy.
Having a consciousness of our daily diet or quality of dietary supplements makes us healthy.
Being healthy starts with having a consciousness.

There is something we would also like to tell young people.
We would like them to be conscious about their health
while they are young rather than focusing on their beautiful appearance.

Health is the result of our efforts since our young age.
True beauty comes from such efforts we make.
Staying focused on our health at any age is the only way to achieve true beauty.

“Beauty comes from health.”

Thoughts of RAPAS are that we would like people around the world to become healthy,
beautiful, and happy.

Thoughts become reality.
Thoughts bring happiness.

Our goal is to have people be conscious about their health and gain benefits from it.
RAPAS will strive every day to achieve the goal.

Enzymes, hydrogen, and silicon are the center of the research RAPAS currently carries out to develop products.

Enzymes Enzymes are involved in the whole process of our food digestion, absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. They are essential for organisms to convert substances and use them.
Roles of enzymes in the body are to take organic or inorganic compounds, which constitute life, and cause necessary chemical reactions.
Hydrogen Roles of hydrogen are to reduce by combining with active hydrogen excessively released when receiving various stresses or highly loaded.
Silicon Silicon binds to calcium or collagen in the body, and strengthens its functions with other elements, through binding to other elements, or by supporting other elements in every part of organism.

Binding of ingredients

Those three ingredients play important roles in human body on a daily basis. People cannot feel the functions of ingredients directly, but they may fall to poor health if they are deficient in them in their diet.
However, people are not aware that the poor health is caused by the deficiency of various ingredients or the poor quality.

We develop products focusing on the movement of the ingredients in the microcosm.
These ingredients play important roles independently or collaboratively.

We, aiming at creating products that you can feel being healthy every day, develop our own products having conscious of the binding of ingredients working for your better health.

And, our commitment to “health consciousness” and “high-quality products”,
which we had been working on, came down to one simple truth.

Beauty comes from health.