The RAPAS Concept

Super Reperfe

Product Lineup

In today’s world where chemical substances that have an adverse impact on the body abound, it is a challenge to consume essential nutrients in a balanced way. The impetus for us at RAPAS to foray into the research and development of health foods was our strong desire to rejuvenate our families and loved ones, and for them to live healthy lives every day. From this desire arose our Reperfe product line. Derived from “returning to perfection,” these products help improve the body’s mechanisms and functions with habitual consumption. In our relentless pursuit of good results and by carefully selecting our ingredients, we hope our products serve as sources of power in your everyday life. Discover radiant beauty and everyday health from within, brought to you by RAPAS.


Product Lineup

CHERAD BELLE BEAUTE, the ultimate skincare line, from RAPAS, the brand that has kept pace for years with women’s lifestyles.

CHERAD – a name that evokes nurturing the skin carefully with love, and skin that glows radiant with light. CHERAD brings out beauty at its source for skin suffused with an overflowing inner radiance – beauty that all women who live their everyday lives actively and beautifully possess. Exhaustive research has been done to maximize the efficacy of the ingredients used. We now bring this finally-actualized product lineup straight to you and to your skin.

Discover the path to beauty now. Take beauty of complexion to the next level with CHERAD BELLE BEAUTE.


Product Lineup

Including health food, functional beauty product lines LALA RESET and LALA MEDIC from RAPAS keep pace with a woman’s lifestyle.

These products were created with specific functions in mind, and from ingredients specially chosen in pursuit of the kind of beauty and healing that women desire.

A revolutionary line-up unlike anything ever seen before, these products aid in keeping a variety of stress triggers such as aging and UV rays at bay, and help you achieve radiant beauty and strength from within.